Straight with Curls

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A very cute total look. Straight hair on top with beautiful flowey curls hanging down. Its a great look that is messy but structured and styled all at the same time. Have your own personal hair styled at Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide. The total look is also completed by this very cute dress.



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The Creature Within

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Find the creature within! Get creative with your style while making it fun too. Your hair and style is a way to express yourself. Work with your amazing hair and create your own style. If you have some curls or even a wave, work with them shake it out and  strike a pose.



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Summer Style

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Beautiful curls just scrunched and left down naturally. Great summer looks that are easy to create. Matches well with a flowly summer dress. Look forward to summer with easy but fashionable stylish looks.

Mens Gallery

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All men need their own individual style. With a great cut and sometimes some colour gives the right style to stand out from the crowd. Here are some classic men’s hair styles which can be very versatile. If you wear your hair up or down there is something here for everyone who wants to be in style and also in vogue. Enhance your confidence and look your best.

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Curls – Relaxed & Easy

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A great style to achieve is the relaxed lose curls look. Its fun and easy as it does not have to be perfect as it looks great textured and messy. Its a style that can be worn in a number of ways and it breaks all the rules. Also great for many occasions and suits many outfits.


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