Redken Argan Oil

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This is a beautiful product for dry, brittle hair. Redken Argan Oil 6 is fantastically versatile with 6 different uses. Its great for those who dont like using multiple products to achieve their ideal style. You can also use it before you shampoo your hair and as a treatment by putting it in your conditioner. You can even leave it in and use as an overnight treatment. A more common use in putting it in your hair before you blowdry to help with your styling and then use a little more after you have blow dried as a serum.

It will help eliminate frizz, protect hair from humidity and instantly boost shine. It will also soften and replenish your hair to leave it smooth and healthy. Its safe to use with colorwork as it does not build up on the hair. It is best suited for thick coarse hair but can be used on finer hair types. With fine hair y0u must only use a very small amount and not use it as often.

We love this product as it has so many uses but one of the best things about it is that it will half your blowdrying time.

Illuminate, protect and nourish your hair today with Redken’s fantastic Argan Oil 6.


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Longer lasting Curls

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2014 has been really big for curls. In 2015 we see this continuing possibly with even more body. So everyone wants bigger wavy curly hair but of course without the frizz. Matrix, through their Biolage range has created the perfect formula, all in a bottle for you.

Agave Nectar Control Gel is a soft feeling liquid Gel with a medium hold. It’s designed to maintain the shape and memory of your hair once its styled. Your blowdrys will last longer, your waves won’t drop out and your curls will stay bouncier. While all at the same time as controlling your frizz. Hairdressers Adelaide.

To use the product apply a small amount into your palms and then apply evenly through your damp hair. Blowdry and style as usual for a longer lasting hair style. Hairdressers Adelaide.


For more information about styles, hair care tips and our gallery please see our website at Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide. You can also call us at our Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide on 8344 9141.

Wedding Hair

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Planning your perfect Wedding Day can be exciting but also a little stressful. From organising the guest list, venue, cake, flowers, dresses, cars oh we could go on and on. Now not to mention how your going to look and who is going to help you achieve this look. One of the most important elements of your look is of course your HAIR.

Rest assure Rocktan Hair is here to help you through this process and at least take some of the stress away. We take great pride in our work and just love doing upstyles and especially styles for weddings. We are the Bridal Experts. Creating that style that is elegant and timeless but also what complements you and your style. We work with you, your hair, your dress and your chosen accessories to create the perfect style for you.

At Rocktan Hair we have over 18 years experience, numerous Awards and countless happy bridal parties. What’s most important which comes out in our work is our passion and love of creating these hair styles. Wedding Hair Adelaide.

It all starts with a free consultation to discuss what you like, how your dress will sit and what hair accessories you would like to use. We will then have a look at your hair and see what is possible, what will look best and what we recommend. The next stage is to book a Trial and this is where we will trial some looks to see what you think is best and what works and more importantly what does not. This is also a time to try your veil and other hair pieces. The trial is almost as important as what happens on your wedding day as this is where everything is tested and decided. You can also have a trial for one of your bridesmaids or discuss a particular style you would like.

On your wedding day all you have to do is turn up and let us do our thing and create the magic. Sit back and relax while we beautify you and your wedding hair.

For more information please contact Rocktan Wedding Hair Adelaide on 8344 9141.

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Smooth But Messy

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This style is beautiful, elegant but also has a messy touch to it. Its a great style for any event or function.






Summer Protection

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With the extreme heat of the sun and the extra swimming and exposure to water your hair can be become really dry and brittle. If you don’t take some preventative measures you could do a lot of long term damage to your hair. Here are some simple steps to help you and your hair.

  • Ease up on the heat! Summer is hot enough without adding hair irons, blowdryers and tongs to your hair.


  • Embrace a more natural look by using curls, braids and scrunchy waves.


  • Use products such as sea salt spray to help with the messy srunchy look.


  • Use Redken Fashion Waves to help with that wavy look.


  • Obviously you will use heat styling tools at one point so always use a heat protectant first. We recommend Matrix Iron Smoother.


  • Treat, treat, treat! Treat your hair to treatments. We cannot say this enough. Ask your stylist for an in-salon treatment. They are more potent then what you can do at home. Continue to use treatments weekly at home as well as a leave in moisturiser. Matrix and Redken have amazing treatments but consult your stylist to see which one is best suited to your hair. Hair Salon Adelaide.


  • Cut It. Get regular hair cuts. This is even if you are growing your hair. Having a hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks makes a huge difference to the quality of your hair.


  • Keep your hair out of the swimming water. Do this as much as you can by tying not your hair up and not getting it wet. Chlorine and salt water can be very drying to your hair. Another tip if you are going get your hair wet is to put a protective leave in conditioner. This will help protect your hair from the harsh salts and chemicals. Rocktan Hair Salon Adelaide recommends Matrix Total Results ‘Miracle Treat’.


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