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Every girl wants that sexy summer beach hair. With the right know how you can have it too. The best way to achieve the look comes back to how you apply your products. Firstly you need the right products but more importantly they need to be applied the right way. Multiple products need to be layered into the hair to get the right texture.

Redken have released a new styling range called ‘Signature Look’ which is perfect for the sexy beach look. As a starting point it’s always good to use the right shampoo. For this look using the Redken Curvaceous range will help give the hair volume and define any natural curl in your hair.

So after washing and conditioning your hair towel dry then spray in Redken Fashion Waves Texturizing Sea Spray. Spray a generous amount and scrunch with your hand while spraying. Now let your hair dry. Once dry use Redken Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray. Spray to through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. This will create an airy effect with tousled body.

If your hair is lacking volume at the roots we recommend using Redken Ruffle Up. This is a volumising gel which when applied to the roots will give an amazing back brushing effect with lots of body.

The style is suppose to be a little messy so it’s extremely easy to do when you know how and guess what, now you know how. This style should last at least 3 days but each morning just spray down a little with water and use a Fashion Waves again with some more scrunching. With a little help from Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide you can have the look you want.


If your hair doesn’t have much natural movement or you want more wave then your hair is allowing then there is a solution. Using a MUK curling stick pick up random sections of your hair and wrap loosely around the MUK curl stick. Keep it loose and not too long on the heat as you don’t want ringlet curls. Work through the mid-lengths of your hair.

The MUK Curl Stick is an amazing tool which can help you achieve many different styles and looks. It’s also extremely easy to use so anyone can do it. MUK Curl Stick’s are available for under $100 at Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide.

For more information on the products used to create this look please contact Rocktan Hairdressers Adelaide.

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Stop the Tangles and Knots

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Do you want long healthy hair that bounces and has beautiful shine. Are you finding your getting knots and tangles and they are hard to brush out. Its a very common occurrence and can be very annoying. It can also cause lots of damage to your hair.

Most of the time these tangles are caused by the condition of your hair and mainly the moisture levels. If you hair is dryer then it tends to be more prone to tangle. Some ways to help protect your hair is to have it regularly cut. 6 to 8 weeks is ideal but not longer than 10 weeks. If you are continually tying your hair up then you must use a special elastic that is metal free. This will prevent the hair catching and weakening the hair, breakage as well as the tangles.

You should brush your hair every day and whenever your hair is wet always use a leave in cream or treatment serum before brushing. A detangling spray can also help if your hair is dry. Another important factor is which shampoo you are using. It must be at a moisture level that suits your hair. You should always purchase your shampoo from a hairdressers Adelaide professional to ensure you are using the correct type for your hair to gain the best results.

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Restore & Strengthen Your Hair

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Do you want hair that is stronger, vitally restored and soft to touch? As we approach the warmer months we need to be prepared to do a little more to help our hair. Your hair is going to be exposed to extra heat and UV rays as well as salt and chlorine when swimming. This causes extra dryness and puts your hair in a fragile state which it will then be proned to hair breakage, frizziness and split ends.

One way to fight back is to use the new shampoo and treatments created to not only protect your hair but also to enhance and strengthen it. They can restore protein and moisture to your hair, making your hair up to 12 times stronger and improving the condition by 90% after only1 application. When used with the corresponding shampoos and conditioners you will get the complete coverage in protection. This new technology is available now and will help you beat the heat and still have fabulously amazing hair throughout summer.

For more information on these amazing new products contact Rocktan Hair Salon Prospect

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A Better Way to Colour

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Do you have any problems or restrictions when it comes to colouring your hair? Maybe the colour fumes are too strong. Do you leave your salon with frustrating hairline colour stains? Well rest assured a lot of your problems may now be solved with a brand new colour range.

The all new Color Insider range is very different to all other colours. It is an oil based colour. Color Insider creates maximum colour impact while deeply saturating the hair to give 100% grey coverage. It does all this while not putting any extra stress on your hair. On top of all that it is 100% free of ammonia. Its also odorless and does not stain your skin of your hairline. As it is oil based it leaves your hair silky soft and shiny as well as having a beautiful colour.

If you would like to know more about this new colour range your can contact us or come and see us at Rocktan Hair Salon Prospect.

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Best Dressed @ Emmy’s

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It was the Emmy Awards and there was lots of amazing dresses as well as hairstyles to see and judge of course. One of Rocktan’s favourite fashion designers is Zac Posen. He really knows how to make a dress fit a women’s body. At the Emmy’s several women were dressed by Zac Posen including Julie Bowen from Modern Family. Julie wore a beautiful pastel pink layer dress. Her hair was up into a soft modern chignon. It showed off her beautiful neck line. Christine Baranski from The Good Wife was the lady in red. She looked wonderful and wearing her hair style with lots of volume and body. It was simple but also very elegant.

Maria Menounos the host of Extra and Jane Karkowski from 30 Rock both worn the most popular colour of the night, blue. They both looked great. Maria’s hair was swept off her face with lots of volume and movement. Her long locks came over one shoulder and worn into a fish braid. Her look was incredible and was right on trend. Jane Kakowski’s look stole the show on the night in true Hollywood style. Rocktan Hair loved everything about her look from head to toe. Jane was dressed in a blue satin strapless full length dress that was made just for her. Her hair is a creamy blonde and it was cut and styled into a beautiful longer bob. She wore it smooth and tucked behind one ear which also showed off her turquoise earrings. She looked impeccable and was Rocktan’s Red Carpet’s Best Dressed and Best Hair Style.

Here are some of the looks we have discussed.

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals photo photo2 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

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